Serendipitious launch for debut writer ‘Angelica Banks’


It’s not often a writer gets two debuts, but here is my second!

Along with fellow writer and dear friend Heather Rose, I am ‘Angelica Banks’, who will next week launch Finding Serendipity, the first of her Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventures.

Tuesday McGillycuddy’s mother is Serendipity Smith, the most famous writer in the world. When Serendipity goes missing, Tuesday and her dog Baxterr embark on a mission to find her in the place where stories come from. In this mysterious and unpredictable world, full of real danger and heart-stopping adventure, Tuesday and her new friend Vivienne Small fall foul of the vile pirate Carsten Mothwood. To defeat him Tuesday must learn to think like a writer, using all her wit, courage and imagination. But how will she ever find her way home?

Angelica Banks, on behalf of Heather and I, would like to warmly invite you to the launch of Finding Serendipity, to be held at 11am on Saturday, April 27 at Fullers Bookshop, 131 Collins Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

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