Mothers Grimm reviewed

Bookseller and Publisher has been so very kind as to review Mothers Grimm. Here’s what Bec Kavanagh had to say:
In this quartet of modern-day Grimm’s fairytales, Danielle Wood (The Alphabet of Light and DarkRosie Little’s Cautionary Tales for Girls) picks up on women’s fears to do with being a Good Mother. A stereotype perpetuated by myths and fairytales, the Good Mother is blossoming, happy and under control, while the Wicked Mother deserves whatever awful fate befalls her. Her failures are obviously her own fault.Mothers Grimm is sharp and witty. Wood has reworked ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘The Goose Girl’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’, exposing some of the myths about motherhood. This is a book where a long sleep, an abandoned child, a handful of greens and a mother’s disappointment have disastrous consequences. Here though, women are not labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for the sake of a happy ending, as Wood cleverly captures the complexities of being just ‘mother’. Fiction and nonfiction about motherhood has increased in popularity in recent years, with several strong voices emerging, including Jo Case (Boomer and Me), Monica Dux (Things I Didn’t Expect(When I Was Expecting)) and Kristina Olsson (Boy, Lost). They ask why we continue to ignore the hard and often extremely lonely moments in the lives of many mothers.Mothers Grimm is unapologetic, provocative storytelling. 
Bec Kavanagh is a Melbourne based writer/reviewer and education consultant

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