Mothers Grimm reviewed

Bookseller and Publisher has been so very kind as to review Mothers Grimm. Here’s what Bec Kavanagh had to say:   In this quartet of modern-day Grimm’s fairytales, Danielle Wood (The Alphabet of Light and Dark, Rosie Little’s Cautionary Tales for Girls) picks up on women’s fears to do with being a Good Mother. A stereotype perpetuated by […]

It’s Tuesday in Germany!

Sehr erfreut, Deutschland. Finding Serendipity is about to hit German shelves with this divine cover, and a new title: Tuesday und der Zauber des Anfangs, which means something along the lines of Tuesday and the Magic of the Beginning. Angelica Banks hopes this is just the magical beginning of Tuesday’s European adventures.

Coming soon: Mothers Grimm

Thank you, Kirby Armstrong, for the beautiful cover design for my new book, out September 1. The back of the book says: In a fairy tale, the only good mother is six feet under. All the others are bad news. A fairy tale mother will exchange her first born child for a handful of leafy […]

Finding Serendipity is in the world!

During a recent visit by the two halves of Angelica Banks (Heather Rose and Danielle Wood) to a library full of class three and four students, the Angelicas asked the children “how long do you think it takes to write a book?”. “Three weeks,” they suggested. “Or maybe three months.” When we told them it […]

Serendipitious launch for debut writer ‘Angelica Banks’

It’s not often a writer gets two debuts, but here is my second! Along with fellow writer and dear friend Heather Rose, I am ‘Angelica Banks’, who will next week launch Finding Serendipity, the first of her Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventures. Tuesday McGillycuddy’s mother is Serendipity Smith, the most famous writer in the world. When Serendipity goes missing, […]